My Friend Kitty

My friend Kitty and I have been pals for many years, now that I've moved away I don't get to see her as often, but I call her every morning on my drive to work and we talk for the 15 or 20 minutes it takes me to make my way to my office... no subject is off limits between us...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whole Milk and Custard on the Hob

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl ozHad to stop at Publix on the way home yesterday to get milk... parking lot was full, almost couldn't find a parking space... I buy my regular groceries at Kroger but we've found that the milk is different at different stores... most "red-top" milk in most grocery stores is labeled "Vitamin D Milk"... the milk, we've found, at Food Lion and Publix is labeled "whole milk"... and DH can definitely taste the difference... he's a milk drinker!

Kitty said she didn't drink much milk and neither do I... when she does buy it she buys organic milk from the health food store... I only have it on cereal...

... or in custard...Birds Custard Powder 300g

On our recent honeymoon near Grandfather Mountain, NC, we stopped in to the Everything Scottish shoppe to spend the gift certificate some dear friends had given us as a wedding gift. One purchase we made was a $6 canister of Scottish Custard Powder... you only use a couple tablespoons in two cups of milk to make delicious Scottish custard...

I was telling Kitty about how yummy it was, she's headed up that way in a couple weeks and said she just may stop in and buy some herself... I was telling her about the cooking directions on the back of the canister... in true UK fashion, it states directions for preparing in the microwave... or "on the hob"

"What does that mean?" Kitty asked... "On the stove top."

Which took the conversation to the differences in the English language in America and in the UK and Australia... like boot for trunk and bonnet for the hood of your car... a lift for elevator... and flat for apartment...

"When DH lived in Australia, they would step outside for a fag." (cigarette) "if we did that here it would mean something completely different..."

"Speaking of fags, my boss sure looked like one yesterday, he just got his hair cut in a definitely feminine style."

We laughed for a bit about that one... it's good to have a friend to laugh with, even when it's politically incorrect to do so!

Mmmm... Custard on the Hob... guess what I'm making for dessert tonight!?!

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