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Friday, August 20, 2010

What do you know about fennel?

Well, it tastes like licorice... what do you want to know?

I heard it's good for the digestive system and my DH is having problems with that... his stomach hurts really bad all the time. After that bout he had last winter with diverticulitis, he's been in almost constant pain. We can't really figure out exactly what's triggering it, so I'm trying to read up on it and find out home remedy type things I can do to help. My guess is that he's got irritable bowel syndrome or something like it.

I was reading last night that  fennel was helpful with bloating and pain. You make a tea out of the fennel seeds or roast them and sprinkle on salads and stuff and it helps with the pain. He said he'd give it a try but he might not like the taste, we might have to add a lot of lemon or something. But then citrus can sometimes be a trigger so that might not be a good idea. I also read that yogurt has all kinds of enzymes that aids digestion. Maybe we can sprinkle fennel seeds in our yogurt! Ha!

I also read that stress and several other things make it worse... he's got to learn to de-stress, that's his main thing, he gets so upset by so many things and gets down easy since he had surgery last fall.

Went to the health food store this morning and bought some fennel tea, among some other teas (a couple for me, actually), a detoxifying tea, a mid-life tea and the fennel tea...

Hope it helps...

Well, it tastes like licorice so if he likes licorice maybe he'll drink it!

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