My Friend Kitty

My friend Kitty and I have been pals for many years, now that I've moved away I don't get to see her as often, but I call her every morning on my drive to work and we talk for the 15 or 20 minutes it takes me to make my way to my office... no subject is off limits between us...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cookie Christmas

Kitty and I are so different it's amazing we have remained such close friends all these years. She is the "earth mother" type, an "old hippie," a tree hugger, more a worshipper of the earth than a worshipper of God. She wears gathered skirts, flowing blouses, long, straight, parted in the middle hair, and no make-up. I am a bit more of a capitalist, God-fearing, rather conservative in my politics and my dress, and I dearly love make-up and all things girly.

There is one thing we've both struggled with all our adult lives, however... money! I recently remarried and  also have a better-paying job than I once had, so my financial stresses have been reduced by half at least (my precious new husband and I share expenses 50/50)... Kitty is divorced, has a job as a librarian, part time, and lives alone... I've been there too... there wasn't much money, and Christmas added to the financial burden every year.

Recently Kitty had to have two trees removed from her yard, a decision she agonized over, partly because of her distaste for "killing" anything in nature, or disturbing the natural order of her environment, and partly because, as a woman alone and with no chainsaw wielding friends or family, she had to hire it done, and it was costly.

She had to decide to put groceries, gas, and other necessities of life on her ever-growing credit card balance to save the money to have the now dead and dangerously hovering over her house, trees removed. But the deed is done now and she can sleep nights without fear of waking to tree branches through her roof.

But... she will have to pay off the credit card debt she has acquired... now is the time she begins foraging here and there in specialty shops, yard sales, and thrift stores for Christmas gifts for her two sons, her daughter-in-law, her Dad, step-mom, and various and sundry friends and family. They may have to be willing to accept just a bit less than they are used to when the Holiday Season rolls around... as she puts it... it's gonna be a "Cookie Christmas this year!"

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